Festetics Bath House & Therapy Department

The Festetics bath house’s therapy center offers various options for relaxation and other health and beauty treatments as well.


Why is the medicinal bath and spa therapy unique?

While the effect of the medicinal bath therapy depends on the patient’s condition, the spa therapy in Hévíz is unique due to its complex treatment programs and the thermal water’s beneficial effects and ingredients that are known for their healing properties. Three layers of three geological periods can be found at the lake that provide everything to be used in medicine: from the dissolution of the Pannon limestone thermal karts rise up, which got its supply from Middle Triassic dolomite.

The dolomite contains calcium that has anti-inflammatory effects and magnesium that is required for the proper function of the nerves. In the limestone there is mineralized carbonic acid, which serves as a vasodilator and carbonate, which makes the skin softer. Noble gases in harmless concentrations make the adrenal glands secrete more anti-inflammatory hormones, and they make the thyroid gland produce more calcitonin; this results in improved conditions at patients with joint disease and osteoporosis due to their own natural hormones.

The thermal water and the several meters thick peat layer on the bottom of the lake form the mud in which the thermal water’s every chemical product concentrates. This results in multiplication of the mud’s efficacy. The peat contains chemical compounds similar to sex hormones, which restore the menstrual cycle and improve sexual potency (this is the way to turn a flickering flame into a blaze). The most important active substance of thermal water and mud is sulfur. Sulfur is one of the basic components of articular cartilage and since in all rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases the concentration of sulfur decreases, sulfur compounds are able to inhibit enzymes that destroy cartilage. Therefore, it is obvious how thermal sulfur water is a natural remedy for joint pain.

From a biophysical view, the lake’s lukewarm temperature puts less stress on the heart and circulation and the body’s vertical position while bathing provides relief for cramping muscles and it improves joint mobility and blood flow. The large surface of water enhances the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation while the vapor over the lake absorbs the harmful UV rays. Lake Hévíz is the place where you can find a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, which can even enhance the healing effects of thermal water therapy.


  Services - Therapy

Medical Wellness

Service Duration
(of treatment)
Health condition check
(contains 1 follow-up visit) Our institution’s rheumatologist will develop a treatment plan based on your test results.
15 8 500,-
From the 2nd follow-up visit 15 4 500,-
Mud therapy: applied to more than 4 body regions (available only for doctor’s recommendation)
Te mud therapy is applied on the body regions recommended by the physician using mud at the specifed temperature.
20 8 900,-
Segmental mud therapy - applied to maximum 4 body regions
Patients can receive the therapy for their own responsibility afer signing the informed consent form. Te mud’s temperature is between 42–43 °C
20 5 500,-
For the physician’s recommendation from April to October patients can receive the traction therapy in the lake. Te frst session is without using any weight than the traction’s load will be raised gradually up to the value the physician recommends
20 5 500,-
Physiotherapy treatment
(upon the physician’s recommendation) Individual physiotherapy sessions conducted by a physiotherapist.
Clothing: comfortable outfit
25 6900,-
Inversion table with therapist consultation
Special spine stretching medical device, which makes possible to treat and improve several degenerative spine diseases. It can also be used as a preventive therapy
20 4 800,-

Tis therapy uses sound as a therapy that affects the whole bloodvessel system of the body. For the treatment special low frequency sound waves with vibrating effect are used

1st session of soundtherapy 20 8 500,-
5+1 session of soundtherapy 6 x 20 42 500,-
10+2 session of soundtherapy 12 x 20 85 000,-



Special massage therapies available upon physician’s recommendation
or patient’s own responsibility in case of the following conditions.
Service Duration
(of treatment)
Massage therapy for hip dislocation 40 8 100,-
Massage therapy for arthritic hip joint 40 8 100,-
Massage therapy for patients with total hip arthroplasty 40 8 100,-
Massage therapy for patients with Bechterew’s disease 40 8 100,-



Service Duration
(of treatment)
Electrophisiology   4 000,-
Cuire micromassage   4 700,-



Service Duration
(of treatment)
PCP, Humino   5 000,-



Service Duration
(of treatment)
Hévíz mud massage
During the massage, not only is the sulphur content of mud absorbed through the skin to promote regeneration of articular cartilagebut is also rejuvenates your skin due to its keratolytic effect. Carbonates found in the mud ensure silky and sof skin. During the therapy, itbasically extracts protein metabolicend products from your skin to deliver detoxifcation benefts. Warm mud makes the body sweat to enable salt drainage through perspiration which allows the body to control blood pressure more easily. Te estrogenic effect of Hévíz Termal Mud alleviates menopausal symptoms and helps relieve initial bone rarefaction (i.e. osteoporosis) pain. Psychological benefts of the mud massage include improvement in life standard and general well-being through aggregated positive experiences.
30 7 500,-
Individual massage
Everybody is different with various body aches and pains. Terefore, massage therapies should be personalized for your own needs. Our massage therapists provide a variety of techniques to help improve relaxation and relieve stress. Tey apply appropriate massage force on your muscles and skin in order to achieve the best results for your body. You can choose medical cream or oil for the massage.
20 4 500,-
Segmental massage: on the back and arms or on the legs and hips 30 5 500,-
Full body massage: on the back, arms, legs and hips 40 7 500,-
Full body massage: on the back, arms, legs, and hips 50 9 500,-
Manager massage (deep tissue massage)
Stress and working in front of a computer puts enormous strain on your muscles of your neck, shoulders, and back. Te aim of deep tissue massage is to relax your stressed and tense muscles. Te slow and deep massage techniques help your body to get rid of agents causing inflammation.
30 6 500,-
Refreshing foot massage
It reduces stress, and it is relaxing, refreshing, calming and soothing for your tired feet. Its effect can be increased, if you get a pedicure before the foot massage therapy.
20 3 800,-
Aromazen relaxing massage
It is a full body massage that relaxes, and sooths your body with Adrienne Feller’s moisturizing massage essential oil
40 8 500,-



Service Duration
(of treatment)
Personalized massage ticket (for 5 sessions) 5 * 20 21 500,-
Regenerating mud therapy ticket - independent from physician’s recommendation (For 5 sessions) 5 * 20 26 500,-



(Tese types of massages are performed on mats on the floor.)
Service Duration
(of treatment)
Traditional Tai massage
Tis is a type of massage performed without the use of any oils (dry treatment) during which you have to wear a light clothing. Te Tai massage therapists perform the massage with their fngers, hands, elbows, knees and feet during massaging special trigger points on your body. Tis massage’s speciality lies in moving and stretching the extremities with a special technique.
60 13 000,-
Tai oil massage
It is similar to the traditional Tai massage, but due to the application of the oil, some of the techniques are not used.
60 13 500,-
Tai herbal oil massage
Tis type of massage technique combines the traditional Tai massage with various herbal bag massage (aromatherapy) sessions. Te massage with the steam heated herbal bags, and the herbal oil help to increase blood circulation, to refresh muscles and stiff joints. Te herbal bag contains more than 15 specially selected herbs.
60 14 000,-
Tai foot massage
Foot massage stimulates and increases the internal organs’ activity and function. Te massage therapist uses for the massage his/her fngers and special wood sticks along with the application of creams and oils.
30 8 500,-
Tai massage on the neck, shoulder and back It is a massage with the application of oil for the relaxation of the tense back. 30 8 000,-



Service Duration
(of treatment)
Full body peel treatment
During the treatment with body scrub, or exfoliating the dead skin layer will be removed that will help rejuvenating the skin. For the body scrub we use Adrienne Feller’s body buter peel product. It results a nice, moisturized, hydrated and sof skin
20 3 900,-
Waterlily body peeling & moisturizing
body wrap with mud Full body peel and revitalizing body wrap treatment with mud cream made from the lake’s water and mud.
45 8 500,-
Terapy for the back using mud and
herbal body wrap Te therapist uses medicinal mud cream for the massage of the back and following the back will be wrapped with a hot towel soaked in herbal concoction. Afer 20 minutes, the mud is washed off of the back and a medicinal cream will be applied on it.
40 6 500,-



Package type Te package includes Price
Prevention package number 10
(2 entrance daily, valid within 11 calendar days from the purchase)
15-hour lake bath ticket
1-time Health check
10 treatments (For maximum 3 types of therapy
64 000,-
+ A deposit of
Prevention package number 20
(2 entrance daily, valid within 21 calendar days from the purchase)
25-hour lake bath ticket
1-time Health check
20 treatments (For maximum 6 types of therapy)
126 000,-
+ A deposit of
Hévíz traditional package 1-time Health check
10 treatments (Weight traction therapy is only available with an entrance ticket to the lake)
55 000,-
Beauty spa package 1-time Harmonenne or Vitalenne face therapy
1-time manicure with nail polish
1-time pedicure with nail polish
21 000,-

Available until: 1. 1st April 2019 - to withdrawal. Packages are available only following a previous healthcare check, except Beauty spa package. Te packages are to be paid at the front desk of the Festetics Bathhouse. Healthcare checks and treatment plannings are scheduled by the front desk of the Festetics Bathhouse. We reserve the right to change both prices, and opening hours.


Services- Beauty


Service Duration
(of treatment)
Aromazen facial massage
Facial massage with Aromazen phytoessence and cream for the soothing and relaxing facial treatment.
30 6 000,-
Rose de Luxe mandala facial massage
Due to the special massage technique, during which rose quartz and rock crystal wands are also applied the guests can experience deep relaxation, thus skin regenerating hormones (oxytocin, endorphin) can be released that make the skin rejuvenated and become healthy. Te lifing effect is provided by the aroma of the Damascus rose oil.
40 7 000,-
Up & Up face lifing massage
Lifing effect due to the massage on the face, neck and décolleté area according to Adrienne Feller’s method. Tis therapy tightens and frms up the skin and improves blood circulation.
40 7 000,-
Harmonenne facial treatment
Each skin types. It is a special customizable treatment that ceases the body’s and mind’s aches and pains caused by stress, thus resulting a shiny and healthy skin. It contains orange blossom and sandalwood.
70 11 900,-
Vitalenne facial treatment
For the treatment of mature skin. It contains an intense regenerating and relaxing massage that revitalizes the skin’s every single cell.Te rockrose and white myrtle essential oil stimulatesm collagen production
70 11 900,-
Cleanenne facial treatment
Treatment for skin cleansing. Te wild lavender, sage and wild rose essential oil helps to clean and hydrate the skin. It provides a special detoxifying cleansing treatment for the problematic skin and for all skin types during the rejuvenation’s time in spring
90 14 900,-
Deep cleansing (it is additional to the 70 minutes treatments). It can be additionally chosen for the Vitalenne and Harmonenne treatments. 20 3 000,-



Service Duration
(of treatment)
Eyelash dyeing (Orenna)  30 2 000,-
Eyebrow dyeing (Orenna)  20 2 000,-
Eyebrow shaping using tweezers 15 1 500,-
Eyelash dyeing + Eyebrow dyeing + Eyebrow shaping using tweezers (3 in 1) (Orenna) 40 5 000,-
Waxing - Moustache 10 1 500,-
Waxing - Cheeks 20 2 000,-
Waxing - Legs (to the knee) 20 3 200,-
Waxing - Full leg waxing 50 5 900,-
Waxing - Armpits 20 2 200,-
Waxing - Bikini wax 30 3 500,-
Waxing - Arms  20 2 900,-



Service Duration
(of treatment)
It includes classic pedicure, antibacterial foot soak, nail trimming and shaping, corn removal, creaming.
50 5 100,-
Pedicure with nail polish
Pedicure + polishing (OPI)
60 6 300,-
Spa pedicure
Pedicure + peeling + creaming with elastin-based emulsion + 20 minutes parafn wax treatment
70 7 400,-
Classic hand manicure with soaking, nail trimming and shaping, removing extra, dead skin around the nails (cuting back or pushing back the cuticle).
40 4 000,-
Manicure with nail polisher
Manicure + polishing (OPI)

50 5 200,-
Spa manicure
Manicure + peeling + creaming with elastin-based emulsion + 20 minutes parafn wax treatment
60 6 300,-
Japanese manicure
Manicure + polishing the surface of the nails with beeswax, which gives your nails a shiny look
60 5 200,-
Nail polishing
Simple nail polishing (OPI)
10 1 200,-
Nail polishing with preparation process
Removing nail polish, shaping, nail polishing (OPI)
25 2 800,-
French nail polishing with preparation process French nail polishing (OPI) 15 3 100,-



Service Duration
(of treatment)
Solarium 5 700,-
We reserve the right to change both prices, and opening hours.
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